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Specify the lay direction of products within a selected room or rooms


The Lay Direction dropdown menu allows you to change the lay direction for a selected room or rooms to one of the four cardinal (north, south, east, or west) or four ordinal (northeast, southeast, southwest, or northwest) directions based on the top of your monitor being designated as "north".



To change the lay direction

  1. Select the desired rooms using either the Select tool or the Explorer.
  2. Click on the Lay Direction dropdown menu and select the desired lay direction.


  • An arrow is displayed by default in the upper left-hand corner of each room showing the lay direction for that room.
  • The position of the lay direction arrow in each room by can be changed by editing the Room Properties for that room.
  • By default, the lay direction arrow for each room is 1' in size. The size of the lay direction arrow can be changed in Measure Options - Display. (link)
  • By default, lay direction arrows are shown for all rooms. You can choose to only display lay direction arrows