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Blueprint Tab Scale Graphics


Set the scale for an imported blueprint.


This tool is only available in Measure Premier.

This option allows you to set the scale of an imported blueprint to represent the true dimensions within the blueprint.

Before you start the scaling process you should zoom in and scroll around to find some known dimension within the blueprint that can be traced by drawing a line across the distance of the representative dimension. There are times when you will find that a legend is missing that indicates the scale for the blueprint. In this case, you can either contact the source who created the drawing to get them to tell you what a specific wall represents as a dimension for the drawing, or you will have to choose something (like a door opening) that represents a fixed dimension that meets the Building Code. Remember, the mistake of the difference in a 3’0" door versus a 2’9" door will significantly distort the true scale of the drawing and result in a costly bidding error. Once the dimension for scaling has been selected, zoom in to include as much of the area as possible for more easily tracing the line in the following instructions.

To Scale a Graphic


Under the Blueprint tab in the Ribbon, click on the Scale Graphics button in the Image group. The Scale Graphic dialog will appear. The size and resolution of the imported file will be displayed. If the scale of the imported blueprint is known, it can be selected under Width and Height. Otherwise follow the rest of these steps to set a manual scale.

Scale Graphics Dialog


To set a manual scale click on the Measure button in the lower right-hand corner of the Scale Graphics dialog. This allows you to manually draw a line on top of the imported blueprint to let Measure know how long the line should be in real units.

Scale Graphics Dialog - Measure Button

3)A message will appear describing how to set the manual scale. Click on OK.

Manual Scale Message

4)Click at the exact point where the chosen dimension starts. Move to the opposite end of the chosen dimension. A red dashed line will appear along with the dimension and angle for the line using the current scale. The measuring line drawn may be at any angle. Manual Scale Measuring Line
5)Click to finish drawing the measuring line. Immediately you are returned to the Scale Graphic dialog box.
6)Enter the dimension for the line just drawn in the Drawing units box under Width or Height. In the example, the length of the measuring line drawn should be 46' so that is entered under Width.

Manual Scale Enter Dimension

7)Click on OK to save your changes.

Verify the scale (make sure the scale you have set is correct). Do this by using the Measure tool (under the Home tab in the Ribbon in the Draw group) to verify the dimensions of a room with known dimensions.

After setting the scale for the imported blueprint, use the room drawing tools to trace each room you need using the blueprint as a guide.