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Ribbon - Home Tab - Select Button


Select rooms or objects on the drawing screen


titleKeyboard Shortcut

Shift + F1

The Select tool is used to select any object in the drawing. It is used primarily for moving and resizing rooms. Also, if you are using another tool (for example, drawing a rectangular room) and want to abandon what you have done, you can click on the Select button to cancel whatever you were doing.

The Select button is located in the Selection group under the Home tab in the Ribbon. Clicking on the top part of the Select button will allow you to use the Select arrow to select objects on your floor plan. Clicking on the down arrow at the bottom of the Select button will give you a menu of Select options. Select is equivalent to clicking on the upper half of the Select button, Select All will select every room and object on your floor plan, while Select None will deselect any selected objects.

Once selected, the corners of a room have diamond shaped handles. All edges of the room become selected with square shaped handles in the center of each wall. Handles are used for resizing rooms.



To select a room

  • Make sure the Home tab is selected in the Ribbon.
  • Click on the upper half of the Select button in the Selection group under the Home tab (or press Shift + F1) and click on a room.
  • Alternatively, click on a room name listed in the Explorer pane to select a room.


  • If you begin drawing a room (or some other multi-step process), you may click on the Select button to cancel the operation.

  • Great effort has been made to leave any selection of a room in the selected state until the user clicks on open white space of the desktop or presses the ALT+N keys. This effort was done to place the decision process with the user to decide when a room should be in Select Mode or not be in Select Mode, rather than the system overruling. There may be some instances when the developers may have exceeded the needed requirements that users have requested in the case, but we have chosen to not interfere as much as possible with the user in this matter. Users should now be in full control of when or if a room or cut is in Select Mode.
  • The Select arrow has different functions in Draw mode versus Layout mode. <What are they?>

  • You can also right-click to select a room, point, or handle. This helps to avoid any slight movements when using the left mouse button for selecting these, and thus stops the possibility that the slight movement of the mouse may result in the dimensions of a room being changed due to dragging.

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