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Ribbon - Room tab - Lay by Coordinates


Set the lay direction for one or more rooms based on two sets of GPS coordinates (i.e. longitude and latitude)

To use this feature:

1. Select one or more rooms.
2. Choose Lay by Coordinates, found under Room, Lay by Coordinates.
3. On the dialog that appears, enter two sets of coordinates.The project location is the physical location of the Measure drawing on the Earth.  The external location is the place on the Earth they lay direction should point toward.

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4. When you are done, click OK to close the dialog box and set the lay direction.

The coordinates entered are saved as project settings (they are stored in the project file) and will reappear the next time the dialog box opens with this project file.  These will just be defaults.  Changing the coordinates and clicking OK will only affect the selected rooms. Rooms previously oriented to one location will not be changed unless they are selected when this option is run.  If coordinates are entered and then Save as Defaults is selected on the Project Settings dialog or products dialog, the coordinates will be saved in your default.msr and therefore show for any new jobs created from that point forward.

The "Map It" button below each coordinate allows you to see that location on a map using an online mapping site.  The URL used for this feature can be specified on the user options dialog on the new "External" tab.

The URL entered contains two placeholders *1 and *2.  When the URL is used the *1 will be replaced with the latitude and the *2 with the longitude.  By default, the URL uses Yahoo Maps! There is also a test button which shows Tuscaloosa, Al using the URL so you can verify that the URL is entered correctly.


  • The formula used takes into consideration the curvature of the Earth.
  • Formula assumes the drawing in Measure is oriented so that the top of the drawing is pointing north.
  • Values must be specified in decimal notation (degrees/minutes/seconds notation is not supported).
  • The "Map It" feature requires an internet connection.
  • This is a specialty feature and will have limited usage by most. However, this need at a commercial level has been seen as a requirement by Architects more often.