Electronic Blueprints Bidding Process

Below is a recommended process for bidding electronic blueprints with Measure Premier. You do not necessarily need to follow this order when working with your drawing if something else works better for you.  This is just a sample process you can follow to complete a bid. Links are provided to related training videos for each step.

  1. Start a new project in Measure.
  2. Enter customer and project information.
  3. Import your blueprint (PDF or CAD).
  4. Scale the blueprint.
  5. Verify the scale (make sure the scale you have set is correct). Do this by using the Measure tool (under the Home tab in the Ribbon in the Draw group) to verify the dimensions of a room with known dimensions.
  6. Set up your products.
  7. Trace over your blueprint with the Measure drawing tools.
  8. Add transitions, borders, coving, or stairs.
  9. Apply any special tile patterns. If necessary, build any 3D elements to bid wall tile in bathrooms and kitchens.
  10. Layout your seams for roll goods.
  11. Add more sheets to your project if necessary.
  12. Review the Worksheet.
  13. Print reports.